Loans for Stupid Reasons

In Persona 5 There was a message that says. “I want it but it’s so pricey… I should take out a loan.”

Aug 7, 2023
While I was playing Persona 5, there was a art exhibit and it’s quite popular in this fictional world. In the game, you eventually come across sections where you hear chattering happen based on event happening in the world.
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When I came across this chat bubble, I immediately thought. “That’s a poor life choice.”
You should never take out loans to see an art exhibit unless that exhibit is going to help you make money in one way or another. Like you are going there to study art you are sure that is the path you are taking to meet your financial goal.
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That doesn’t mean to not go for any other reason if you have disposable income.
No matter how exclusive or limited it is. Spending money that you don’t have for unnecessary things is not worth it.
Seeing something in person is really nice but art will always be there.
We are lucky that you can even see what the art even looks like because of photography which leads to newspaper, books, magazines, and now the internet. Especially the internet freely available in our pockets.
I understand that seeing it in person can mean a lot since you can see it raw in all angles that you wish.
Going to movies or concerts can be a different experience since you feel the energy of other spectators and the literal vibration of the audio that occurs.
The only reason to take out a loan for something like that is if you don’t have any other reason to live for and that could change your life, otherwise it’s not worth taking out a loan.
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