Comment Early

Getting noticed on commenting for social media appears very dependent on timing.

I do not mean timing on time of day but being able to think quickly on what to comment that is related to the video you are watching.
Here’s examples of me commenting early with context of the video.
You do not have to finish the video before commenting as if it’s slightly long then you find a segment in the video you think you can comment about then
I saw this video just went up (1 minutes ago) with only about 100 views. I watched the video at 2.5x speed and tried to comment with a question. It wasn’t really a real question I had but I wanted to test the comment early idea.
notion image
At the time the video went up the first comments were like “Linus is such a tease” or “First” or “notification squad”. I’m not sure if that was meant for attention seeking or they just wanted to write that. So to test out this experiment, I had a very small window of time to comment as it was an opportunity that I caught the video’s published time.
I skipped over the sponsorships and self-promotions since that added time when watching the video
Best thing to do was to watch the video very quickly fast and slow enough that I understood the information of the video. Since it was about Nvidia and laptops and how it’s slower than desktop and for it’s price and value for travelers and small rooms. I quickly made a post what if they made a CPU.
30 minutes later I got so many upvotes
This is about 40 minutes later and this is comparing it with other people who commented earlier and later.
notion image
Seems like every minute counts to get noticed so watching quickly, thinking of a comment quickly, and typing quickly and post seems super important, especially for a kingdom of a channel like Linus Tech Tips.
I don’t expect anyone to watch my channel and if they do I currently don’t have anything that appears valuable but if you do have a channel that you put a lot of work into then I’d say this is one of many ways to get noticed. I would only assume only 1% or even 0.1% would even bother to even click on your profile picture icon to look at your channel but, that’s way better than 0.
If I had interesting video content then I think this could have helped with social media growth.