Changing Collective Behavior in Persona 5

Changing Collective Behavior in Persona 5

When I was playing Persona 5 Royal, I noticed you came across the idea of Collective Unconscious using what they would call in the game Momento. I like the idea behind the collective unconscious.
I learned about the collective unconscious in college. The new behavior emerged among the troop of monkeys on the island, even though they did not communicate it to each other.
A zoologist threw a bunch of sweet potatoes on a beach. The monkeys would then attempt to eat it and would not enjoy it due to all the dirt and sand that was stuck on the potato. One monkey figured out how to wash potatoes by using a stream of water or the ocean to remove dirt. Then other monkeys observed the behavior, and it soon became the known throughout the troop.
The new generation of monkeys would then learn from the older generation as part of its habit.
Other monkeys on nearby islands, who were physically separated and had no way to communicate, quickly learned the behavior through observation.
We know this as the “Hundredth Monkey Effect” discovered by Lyall Watson. A phenomenon discovered between 1952 and 1953.

What is the Collective Unconscious?

Carl Jung created the term collective unconscious to explain shared inherited memories and instincts among a group. The human psyche inherits this trait across generations, rather than through personal experience. A collective unconsciousness brings us together through shared values, beliefs, and behaviors. The collective unconscious affects our experiences and is a part of us.
It consists of archetypes, which are universal symbols and images that represent certain aspects of the human experience. These archetypes can manifest themselves, such as through myths, dreams, and symbols.
We often see these archetypes as the source of our creativity, and can help us to gain a better grasp of our own emotions and behavior. Jung thought archetypes helped understand the collective unconscious and human psyche.
The collective unconscious is difficult to fully understand its influence on our lives. However, it is clear that it has a powerful effect on our behavior and our understanding of the world around us. By understanding archetypes, we can better understand ourselves and others.

How do Mementos in Persona 5 represent the Collective Unconscious?

Mementos is a physical manifestation of the Collective Unconscious. In the game, Mementos acts as a reflection of the collective thoughts and feelings of the people of Tokyo.
It is a place where the repressed desires and suppressed emotions of the citizens are realized and expressed. As the party explores Mementos, we confront them with the darker aspects of the city and its inhabitants.
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The party can gain a greater understanding of the city’s collective psyche. By confronting the shadows of Mementos, the party can lift the veil of repression from the city and bring it into the light. In doing so, they can restore balance to the Collective Unconscious.
It is a labyrinthine network of tunnels that is filled with shadows, which are manifestations of the player’s inner demons.
The player explores Mementos to defeat the Shadows and free the people from their inner darkness that’s corrupted them.
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What does the inclusion of Mementos in Persona 5 tell us about… us?

When I first saw the Mementos in game and it explained this the collective thought of society, I thought “That’s seems right”. I’m sure you can relate.
If the Mementos was happy-go-lucky peaceful looking place, I’m sure we’d think, “That’s not realistic.”
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The Mementos can be a paradise if we can get more than half the population to start moving away from wage slavery.
I believe that is a huge catalyst that contributes to how the Mementos is portrayed.
That can take mental bandwidth away from thinking about what really matters.
Things like, relationship with other people and self awareness.
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We are heading toward people moving away from jobs and becoming self sufficiency. That can lead to more stress because we are still working for money and it is challenging when you’re doing it on your own.
Until that happens, Persona 5’s Mementos representation of the Collective Unconscious is accurate when it comes to first world mindset.